Starring his Rescued Birds
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Need help with your parrot?

I do help people/families with new parrot ownership. I can show you how to set up a cage properly, explain the difference in perches, how to let your new baby adjust to your home. I can tell you about body language, how to socialize your new parrot, nutrition, poison tree branches, plants, chemicals, fumes, foods and other important things you need to know in owning a parrot. I can also show you how to train your parrot to do simple behaviors and exciting tricks! Age is not a barrier. Contact me for my fees.

Psychological and Environmental
Enrichment for your Parrot
thru Captive Foraging

I have been asked to do seminars, and my shows at the upcoming Georgia Expos. My passion is to share with you what I have learned. I have learned many new things and want to share it with you. I have new info and you need to know this for your parrot. I need to get you all thinking about the psychological and physical health of cage bound birds. I have learned a new way of thinking about this subject and it is important that I share it with you. Healthy birds forage about 70 % of their day for their food in the wild and merely lean to the right or left to eat, in captivity! Think about that!! We can change it! Come attend my seminar!

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